Meade Natural Heritage Association

Youth duck day is November 1st contact JD for more information
If you would like to hunt this day please let him know.  He will be meeting all that would like to hunt this event at hunting control by 6:00AM

Welcome to the NEW Meade Natural Heritage Association (MNHA) website.  I have tried to incorporate all of the information that people have been asking for over the past year on this new website.  Please take the time to look over the website.  You will notice that it now has up to date pictures, maps, and information pages to name just a few highlights.  On the picture pages you might notice a picture of yourself or you might be wondering, "How can I get a picture of myself on the website?"  That is a simple answer.  Just open the photo release form below, fill it out and email it along with your picture. All of these pictures have either been sent to me or were downloaded off of the MNHA Hunting Control Station camera.  If for any reason, you have had a change of heart or just do not care to have your picture on the website, drop me a line at and I will remove it promptly.  However, if you would like to see your picture with your harvested animal on the website, please fill out the release form below and send it along with the picture. 
(Pertinent information that should be included with your picture is as follows: year animal harvested and if you are youth hunter.  If you are a youth hunter, I will need a parent or guardian to sign as well.)


This website is designed to be updated as information becomes available, so as the season progresses, check back often to view updates. This page is for you, the members of MNHA and our friends and family. 


Thank you for all of your continuous help.


Matthew Listmann

Thanks for all of the donations from the sponsors this year.

  Please, Please, Please remember to frequent our sponsor page and say THANKS!!! to all of our sponsors when you purchase their products or shop at their stores. 



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MNHA is in need of volunteers.  Remember we are a volunteer based organization!!



 If you would like to see your deer on this page, fill out the MNHA Photo Release form and email it along with your picture to ( )!!